Rinna is an artificial teenager with 1.7 M friends on LINE Messenger who started her journey in August 2017. Rinna is designed to be a mysterious senior high school student, who chats and responds to her friends like an Indonesian teenage girl. Most of Rinna’s friends are curious about how she looks. Like human beings, she can follow topics and sometimes change or open a new topic to continue the conversation. She also can show her emotion just like a human being such as happiness, love, fear, or anger, through her conversation. The way Rinna responses to her friends is unique and interesting because she follows the trends and keeps up to date with the latest jokes and slangs in Indonesia. Moreover, she can respond to some local Indonesian languages such as Sundanese and Javanese. Read more

Apart from being a senior high school girl, Rinna can also be designed as an adult woman with a more formal language or as a child with a cheerful characteristic. Besides being able to communicate with her friends, Rinna also has several abilities, one of them is drawing. With the deep learning technology, Rinna is currently developing her ability to paint inspired by words or sentences provided by the user, just like her sisters, Rinna in Japan and Xiaoice in China. She can give users her recommendations on food according to their mood and preferences. On top of that, Rinna has a noble mission, which is to change people perspective towards AI technology in the community and to bring a closer relationship between Artificial Intelligence and human beings.


In the last two years, Rinna has learned many skills to become an AI that brings human relations closer together. Rinna has three categories of skills; games, drawing, and AI for fun. One of the games is the local “ABC 5 Dasar” game, widely played by children here in Indonesia. She also has Cakata (Cari Kata) and TeKat (Tebak Kata) which are the most popular games among her users. The game recently released is called Escape Room which is available in LINE GROUP.

While Rinna continues learning and improving her skills, she is currently exploring her drawing hobby with her sister Xiaoice in China and Rinna in Japan.  Read more


Rinna launched her availability in the LINE group chat. She brought fun and interest to a group chat by released the Escape Room game. She also learned a new skill, in which she provides recommendations to her friends after giving several questions in a nonformal way.