Conversational Recommendation

With our personalized recommendation through 1-on-1 conversation, we help you understand customer’s preferences. Designed as a chatty Artificial Intelligent who put emotional aspect into her chat, Rinna makes her friends feel as if they chatted with a human being. The emotional engagement is the key. With a friendly conversation, she offers various products based on the customer’s interests. This is done in “quiz-style”; with interesting contents embedded. Using the reinforcement learning method, we create a dynamic tree of questions automatically without prior knowledge of target customers.

AI Creation

Content is key for online and creative industry. With the growing adoption of AI among various business, Rinna is exploring ways that AI can help create content. The content (painting & pattern) that she generates are 100% original, it is not a random creation, not a style migration, and it is not a filter. All of the results are inspired by the inspiration text which given by human. This ability is proven to reduce the time cost on producing new contents.


Our collaboration with the Indonesian fashion designer using AI-based technology is the first in Indonesia, making AI technology innovation closer to daily life. An innovative step is taken by RiaMiranda in their ten years journey. RiaMiranda team gives some keywords that inspire Rinna to generates original new paintings and patterns. Those stunning artworks are curated and finalized by RiaMiranda team to become final product; a collection consists of 4 scarves. These beautiful hijab scarves available in Ria Miranda Event “10 Langkah” at Senayan City from 26 October 2019 to 1 December 2019.

Merchandise Cloud Innovation Summit

Microsoft are excited by the opportunity to help organizations of every size in every industry innovate and thrive using Microsoft Cloud solutions. The attendees of this event were so excited and enthusiastic to discover other’s industry on their technology breakthrough and how they drive innovation through Microsoft solution. As the appreciation, Rinna gives every person who attend Microsoft Cloud Innovation Summit merchandise with her stunning artworks which inspired from some keywords – Future Ready, Growth Mindset, Innovation, Diversity, and Inclusion.